Paradigm Brass  

"The Paradigm Brass have a fantastically unique and varied show.  Their enthusiasm for the stage and sharing that energy with the audience makes for a great evening for everyone"

    Jens Lindemann
    Canadian Brass (1996-2001)

Paradigm Brass is a new model of brass band, presenting a hybrid of styles designed to create a distinct sound and reach a broader range of listeners...


Paradigm Brass began playing classical music on the streets and in sub-way stations in San Francisco in 2002. It didn't take long before the band began incorporating elements of New Orleans second-line, modern jazz, funk, blues, and rock & roll, hip-hop and salsa, into its own personal style that is decidedly contemporary and urban. This unique musical cocktail not only better represents the player's own music backgrounds but reaches a broader audience as well.

With a stellar lineup of high caliber and very versatile musicians Paradigm brings its unique and varied show along with its unparalleled language of rousing grooves to each and every performance creating new paths of emotional connectivity with their culture by transcending the barriers between performer and listener and breaking down the walls created by labels.

Shift YOUR paradigm...

...and Dig'm.

From church stages to nightclub scenes Paradigm brings Bach to the bars and groove to the concert halls.

In addition to concerts for the public, we are available for private parties, weddings, birthdays, funerals, corporate events, commissions, recitals, recording projects, workshops, demonstrations, and collaborations with other artists and musicians. We are totally acoustic and mobile or we can do stage shows and go electric as well with vocals.

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